Crystals, Chakras and a bit of Clarity

Can I start by saying I’m still a beginner. I first discovered my love of crystals two years ago when I discovered Reiki, and spiritual meditation which focuses on chakras. I started this to help my anxiety and depression. I truly one hundred percent think this has helped. You may believe in the power of crystals and spiritual meditation, you may not. All I can tell you is the belief I have has empowered the benefits I have gained. So I hope you all have an open mind, that’s all I ask, not for you to believe.

Firstly let’s start with Chakras. I am including some links to explain further.

I see my “crown” as the colour white

I found this link really useful to show what I am talking about. Ignore the voice of the guide! Please let me know how you get on. I definitely felt more relaxed.

I’d like to end this blog by talking about crystals. Crystals come in all shapes and sizes, the benefits are endless. I’d recommend taking a lot of time to research what crystals would benefit you. I like the next couple of crystals, I think they are a good couple of “starter” crystals. The crystals I have are quite small and fit in the palm of your hand, they aren’t that expensive and are easily accessible. I have bought crystals from a number of places, my favourite place is on Etsy, there’s loads of choices if you search for the crystals you’d like. See the link below to help you choose a crystal.

My favourite all time crystal is Amethyst, not just because it’s my birthstone, birthstone for Pisces. There are many many benefits. Amethyst is a calming stone, which can help with many things like sleep and meditation. Amethyst can also help purify negative auras. I recommend this crystal because it’s not only beautiful it’s also know as an all round healer and can help in many many ways.

I could talk about crystals all day but I’m going to leave you with my second favourite crystal, Rose Quartz. The most common healing benefit is to heal heartache. Rose Quartz has many other benefits, including to soothe and calm the person who holds/wears the crystal.

Thank you for reading my, blog I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know how you get on with discovering your chakras, and if you found your perfect crystal! I’ll revisit this topic in more detail at a later date. My next blog will contain a completely different subject matter. Take care!


Lockdown Strategies – and pure lockdown madness – is it over yet?!

We are now coming out of lockdown in England. People want to know what have you done during lockdown? How have you coped? Well….

I work for the NHS as an administrator so I’ve worked throughout the whole pandemic which has actually helped me get accustomed with the pandemic. Needless to say I was terrified on my first day back in work… on my first day back I started my new job collecting and distributing PPE for our team (community team)

23rd March 2020 – mum’s birthday, we’d had a lovely day as a family, my mum, dad, me our dog Leon. For the past couple weeks we knew Coronavirus was becoming more and more serious, I made sure to have a “last night” with my best friend just in case I couldn’t see her again for a while (turned out being 9 weeks!) On the evening of mum’s birthday we turned the tv on to watch Boris give an announcement – what we heard actually really shocked us, we were all crying and in utter panic! I’m sure the whole nation found this? In that very second I was so happy to be living at home still – I couldn’t have done this alone, at all.

Although going back to work has been terrifying it has given me purpose and a feeling of “playing my part” plus it’s nice to get out the house!!

Apart from work, which I do part time, I have been busy baking, walking Leon (not without painful achillies tendons…more on that another time), making elderflower cordial, learning to sew (lots of face masks!), doing Pilates on zoom (funniest thing you’ll ever see!) my rock choir on Zoom/You Tube live (Rock choir needs its own blog!) and college on Zoom (Social media for business). Who had even heard of zoom before lockdown?!

I have also been trying to combat my anxiety, I don’t want to cover that now I’ll use a separate blog for that! Let’s just say I’ve been using a lot of mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises, with a few crystals for good measure.

I truly hope you’re safe. Just remember to follow the rules I’ll tell you now a Covid test is very very unpleasant (mine was negative thankfully!) I’ve also had my serology (anti body test) which was a drama in itself 3rd time lucky (I have no veins!) the test was negative which means (science still not 100%) I haven’t had Covid which I’m weirdly not sure if I’m happy about!!

Friday the 24th July face masks became a legal requirement in some places (see government guidelines. Some people including children are exempt of wearing a mask) how do you feel about this? I’m personally very happy as I’ve been wearing a face mask to shops and public places throughout the pandemic. Very very happy we made so many face masks.

Until next time, please be safe and sensible and remember a face mask won’t hurt you!

I’ve been enjoying lots and lots of beautiful walks with my Leon!!

just a few guide lines. For full guidelines see government and nhs website

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Get Bloggy With It

I’m new to writing blogs, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never got round to doing.

So here goes, my very first blog! I have so much to write about that I don’t actually know where to start. This first blog I’ll outlay what I will talk to you all about in the future. I’d really love some feedback to what people want to read about.

My next blog I’m going to write about lockdown, how I’ve managed to cope and manage my stress and anxiety. I’d love to know how you’ve all coped and managed with lockdown?

My blogs following “lockdown strategies” will be looking at things I have been though and how I’ve coped with them, I want to cover a lot to do with mindfulness. I’m also very passionate about meditation, crystals and something’s a little bit spiritual. I’ve also got a lot of passion in gluten free baking, being diagnosed coeliac over 2 years ago now has taught me a lot and I’d love to share recipes, experiences and my top tips. I’d love to include anything else that anybody thinks would help. I’ll also do an odd couple blogs on skincare, my love of singing and, of course a few dog photos!

So watch out for my second blog where I’ll be talking about my lockdown strategies and much much more.

For now, stay safe and be alert, be very alert! (For my next blog)