New Year New Lockdown

Happy New Year everybody!!
It’s a very strange time currently isn’t it? The area I live was in Tier 2, on Boxing Day we entered Tier 4, then on the 4th January we were plunged into a third Lockdown for England (I apologise this first part of my blog may sound like Craig David’s song “7 Days”). Despite this I am hopeful, the UK has not only one, but two vaccines being administered as I speak. The Pfizer vaccine and the Oxford Astra Veneca vaccine. These are obviously being allocated to different sectors of people at a time. I am hoping, as I work for the NHS I can get a vaccine soon, currently only the “highest risk” staff members are receiving the vaccine. Click the link to find out more about the Vaccines and your eligibility.
I wanted this blog to be positive, give you a break away from the world for a few minutes, but I realise that we have to talk about what’s going on in the world currently, and I think a very important aspect is everybody’s mental health. Remember that there is always help out there. I’ve included a few suggestions below, but there are so so many, if you go onto google and search you’ll find lots and lots more support.
I’m going to keep this blog pretty short, I wanted to talk all about New Years Resolutions, but, considering the times we are in I don’t think we should be expecting too much of ourselves. We need to focus on the main points, staying healthy, happy, positive and most importantly remembering to be kind.
I truly hope the below meme will be true by the end of the year.
For now, be safe and I’ll see you in my next blog.

One thought on “New Year New Lockdown

  1. To think last year we thought it would all be over…but clearly we are in for the long haul! I couldn’t agree more on the intention vs resolution diagram…it is much needed this year. Brilliant read as always! Fingers crossed this is over soon!

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